As the number of seminaries joining the Consortium increased, the number of requests for Drs. Brent Ray and Daniel Sanchez to visit their campuses and for SWBTS professors to go and teach courses multiplied. The expense to respond to these invitations went far beyond the financial resources of Southwestern for these types of projects. As Drs. Ray and Sanchez prayed about this matter, they came up with the idea of enlisting stateside churches to establish a partnership with the seminaries abroad.

One of the first congregations was First Baptist Church, Bowie, Texas, which partnered with the Baptist Theological Seminary in Guatemala and enabled it by providing scholarships, computers and training to grow from 10 to 500 students (including the extensions that they started in Guatemala as well surrounding countries).

Champion Forrest Church in Houston responded to the invitation to partner with the Baptist Theological Seminary in Cali Colombia. The provision of a server, computers and training has enabled this seminary to grow from 70 to over 900 hundred students. First Baptist Church of Port Neches Texas, under the leadership of Dr. David Mahfouz was able literally to transform the Baptist Theological Seminary in Portugal. With the scholarships, computer equipment, training and encouragement, this seminary has grown from 15 to over 300 students and has been instrumental in starting unprecedented numbers of churches in Portugal. Many new Champion Churches need to be recruited to respond to the needs of seminaries abroad.