In 2013, Southwestern Seminary hosted the first meeting to explore the possibility of establishing a Consortium for Theological Education which included seminary presidents and academic deans from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba (Habana, Santiago), Spain(Madrid, Seville), Guatemala, Honduras, México, Panamá, Uruguay, and Venezuela. In addition to these, there was representation in this meeting from several agencies: Bible League International, Bible Training Center for Pastors, Digital Bible Society, Hope for the Heart, International Evangelistic Association, and lifeway. The presidents and deans unanimously voted to form the Consortium.

The Baptist Consortium for Global Leadership Initiative is a religious, voluntary, non-profit entity formed by the Baptist Educational Institutions (seminaries, universities, institutes) from Latin America, Spain, and Hispanic-culture communities in other countries. The Consortium is based on the voluntary affiliation of Baptist educational entities, around a mutual agreement of membership.

The purpose of the Consortium is to focus on and strengthen Baptist theological education through network, associations and strategic alliances, seeking to equip the next generation of Baptist theological educators, missionaries, pastors and church leaders.

The functions of the Consortium are the following:
1. Mutually recognize academic credits
2. Provide meetings (conferences, courses, workshops) to raise the academic level of administrators, teachers and students of the institutions
3. Exchange faculties and staff to provide courses and special events
4. Share academic resources(i.e., bibliographies, syllables, curricula)
5. Strengthen libraries with printed and electronic books
6. Establish an agreement for the use of library resources
7. Establish and maintain an intercommunication community (internet) to share educational resources
8. Promote training to offer online, virtual and extension courses
9. Adhere to the doctrinal statements of the Baptist Faith and Message