Baptist Theological Seminary

Guadlajara, Mexico

Brief History

This seminary was started by IMB missionary, James Crane, in 1968 as a Center for Theological Education. In 1988, it was elevated to become a seminary under the name of Seminario Teolégico Bautista Emanuel and has continued for 47 years training people for Christian ministry. This seminary works very closely with the Regional Baptist Convention of Mexico as well as the National Convention. The seminary offers degrees at the diploma and Licenciatura (BA) level.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of Seminario Teolögico Bautista Emanuel is to prepare spiritually, academically and in practical areas members of Baptist churches who give evidence of a divine calling, providing the necessary tools for them to function as missionaries, evangelists, pastors and teachers according to the calling they have received from God.

Mission Statement

Equip students in three areas:
Christian Character — supervision and pastoral care of students so they have a healthy spiritual growth

Practical Work — Supervision of the ministerial work of each student with the purpose of establishing healthy relations with pastors and/or churches ant that they develop their spiritual gifts in a fruitful manner.

Academic Development — Effective teaching by prepared teachers and courses with solid biblical and doctrinal content with the purpose of training the students for the preaching of the Gospel that they can teach others for the defense of their faith as they face the philosophical currents that affect the church today.

Projects Involving a Champion Church/Partner


The pastors of Champion Churches could be involved in teaching intensive (week-long) courses and/or workshops for the students as well as pastors


Teams from the Champion Church could be involved in evangelism, disciplesip and ministry activities along with seminary students


Work teams from the Champion Church could be involved in renovation of classrooms and improvement of the classrooms


The Champion Church could provide scholarships for the professors of this seminary to enroll in online and virtual Masters and Doctoral programs that enable them to continue to teach while elevating their academic level


The Champion Church could provide financial resources for the seminary to hold workshops for the seminary professors and staff

Projects Related to the Facult


Professors — There is a need to train professors so they can teach at the Licenciatura (BA) level in the central campus and in the extensions.


Scholarships of $1 ,920 each would cover the tuition costs for the entire Masters in Theological Studies (MTS) offered at Southwestern Seminary totally on line and totally in Spanish

Projects Related to Students


Due to economic limitations of students who come from areas of extremely limited resources a minimum of 10 students who could greatly benefit from scholarships to take courses in the Guadalajaran Seminary


In light of the fact that many of the students in the outlying areas speak indigenous languages instead of Spanish and live in agricultural areas that are economically depressed, financial assistance for these students could greatly enhance theological education in Guadalajara

Projects Related to the Campus


Expand their very limited library (for printed as well as digital books)


Set up a computer lab (with 6 computers) so students can do their research and writing


In collaboration with Southwestern Seminary, Trinity Academic can make available to this Seminary an electronic portal that will enable the seminary to offer online courses, virtual courses and an untold number of library resources to the students. A Champion Church can assist by providing the initial cost of installing this system and the very affordable cost to maintain thus saving the Seminary thousands of dollars in equipment and local personnel to maintain it.

Ramόn Espinoza


Phone Number: 33-3817-6875
Phone Number: 33-1694-6902