Baptist Theological Seminary


Brief History

In 1954 with the arrival in the country of the first missionary family Harlodo Edward Hurts and his wife Alice, Baptist theological education in Honduras began. The Hurts began the classes in their own home in the colony “Reforma” of Tegucigalpa. In 1965, construction was begun on the building of the Baptist Seminary in Tegucigalpa. In 1974, the extension program was adopted and the boarding school (residential program) was cancelled. Until this date the Seminary functioned in its totality under the direction of the Foreign Mission Board. In 1977 a theological commission was created by which the National Convention assumed part of the responsibility for the administration of the Seminary. In 1988 the program of regional centers was begun in San Pedro Sula, until this year, the Seminary had graduated 66 students. Due to the departure of the IMB missionaries and the scarcity of financial resources the Seminary in San Pedro Sula was forced to cease functioning as a seminary and as an institute some of the teachers taught a few courses sporadically. In 2014 the leadership of the institute petitioned to come under the umbrella of the Baptist Theological Seminary of Guatemala. Under that arrangement the president and the dean of the Honduras Institute enrolled in the Master’s Degree of the Guatemalan Seminary. In May of 2018 the president and the dean of the Honduras Institute received their Master’s Degree from the Guatemalan Seminary. That, coupled with the fact that additional professors had been trained through courses offered by Southwestern Seminary, made it possible for the Honduras Institute to become a Seminary once again. Under the leadership of its president Pablo Cruz, the Honduras seminary is growing numerically as well as in its effectiveness.

Projects Involving a Champion Church/Partner


The pastor and staff of the Champion Church could teach intensive (week-long) courses at this seminary


Team members from the Champion church could participate in evangelistic, discipleship, and ministry projects along with students of this seminary


Work teams from the Champion Church could be involved in remodeling classrooms, etc.

Projects Related to the Facult


Professors — There is a need to train professors so they can teach at the Licenciatura (BA) level in the central campus and in the extensions


Scholarships of $1 ,500 each would cover the tuition costs for the entire Masters in Theological Studies (MTS)offered at Southwestern Seminary totally on line and totally in Spanish


There are at least 10 professors and future professors who have their BA and are eligible to enroll in the MTS at southwestern

Projects Related to Students

This seminary has at least 15 students who could enroll in the Master of Theological Studies at Southwestern which costs $1 ,600 for the entire degree
Due to dire economic limitations there is a minimum of 25 students who could greatly benefit from scholarships to take courses in the Honduran Seminary

Projects Related to the Campus


Remodel two classrooms

  • Air conditioners
  • 15 Tables
  • 45 Chairs
  • 3 Data Projectors
  • 2 Whiteboards

Remodel a room to serve as a library (for printed as well as digital books)


Set up a computer lab (with 9 computers) so students can do their research and writing


Remodel a house to serve as lodging space for commuting students who come from long distances.


Video camera to record courses and conferences


In collaboration with Southwestern Seminary, Trinity Academic can make available to this Seminary an electronic portal that will enable the seminary to offer online courses, virtual courses and an untold number of library resources to the students. A Champion Church can assist by providing the initial cost of installing this system and the very affordable cost to maintain thus saving the Seminary thousands of dollars in equipment and local personnel to maintain it.

Projects Related to the Seminary Extensions

This seminary now has 5 extensions, some among tribal groups and could use some funds to enable professors to travel to these extensions.

The president stated: “Our seminary has more potential to train students for ministry than it has ever had. We are doing the best we can and with additional help from a Champion Church we will accomplish much more for the honor and glory of God.”

Pablo Cruz


Phone Number:962-646-53