Baptist Theological Seminary

Monterrey Mexico

Brief History

This seminary has operated for many decades as an institute meeting in the educational building of a Baptist church. Recognizing the need to train people for ministry and finding itself at a geographical distance from the other seminaries in Mexico, the local Baptist pastors decided to establish the institute. These pastors are to be commended for the excellent job they have done in meeting this need. In more recent years two very exciting things have happened. Rev. Rolando Lopez graduated with a Master’s degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and returned to Monterrey to serve as president of this seminary. More recently the Baptist Convention of Mexico donated a building (located just across the road from a National University) to the seminary. This has now opened the opportunity for the seminary to offer many more courses and to even start extensions in surrounding cities. This seminary now has 10 of its professors enrolled in Southwestern’s Master of Theological Studies which is totally online and totally in Spanish. Church, this Institute could once again become a Seminary in a few short years.

Projects Involving a Champion Church/Partner


The pastors of Champion Churches could be involved in teaching intensive (weeklong) courses and/or workshops for the students as well as pastors


Teams from the Champion Church could be involved in evangelism, disciplesip and ministry activities along with seminary students


Work teams from the Champion Church could be involved in renovation of classrooms and improvement of the classrooms and improvement of the church where the seminary has its classes


The Champion Church could provide scholarships for the professors of this seminary to enroll in online and virtual Masters and Doctoral programs that enable them to continue to teach while elevating their academic level


The Champion Church could provide financial resources for the seminary to hold workshops for the seminary professors and staff

Projects Related to Students

In light of the fact that the economy in Mexico is in such a dire state, students have a very difficult time coming up with the funds for the tuition which is held at the lowest possible point by the seminary. Scholarships or even partial scholarships could make it possible for students to get their theological education.
Some of the scholarships to students can be connected with church planting efforts thus benefitting the students as well as the National Convention.

Projects Related to the Campus


This seminary has received the building from the Mexican Convention which needs to be spruced up. Work teams from the Champion Church could go and renovate some of those classrooms (painting, table and desks, white boards — all of this would help and make it more conducive for teaching.


Funds that enable the seminary to purchase laptop computers, data projectors, video cameras could make it possible for the seminary to offer online and virtual courses thus reaching many more students with their training.


In collaboration with Southwestern Seminary, Trinity Academic can make available to this Seminary an electronic portal that will enable the seminary to offer online courses, virtual courses and an untold number of library resources to the students. A Champion Church can assist by providing the initial cost of installing this system and the very affordable cost to maintain thus saving this
Seminary thousands of dollars in equipment and local personnel to maintain it.

Projects Related to the Seminary Extensions

This seminary now has 2 extensions which they are using to train people who cannot travel to the central campus to be trained.
Funds to help the seminary professors travel to and from the extensions could be very helpful.

Rolando Lopez


Phone Number: 52-81-1100-0165